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Always provide Top Quality services.

Leak Detection

Water leaks are the major course of high bills and building structure deterioration with the use of our advanced leak
detection equipment’s B NIX can save you money and time by effectively locating the leaks and fix them.



We have qualified plumbers on the road to assist with your plumbing work, Plumbing maintenance, Plumbing repairs
and Plumbing emergencies. Our services includes Bathroom, Kitchen and drain cleaning equipped with expert knowledge, assistance and advise.

Drainage/ Toilet/ Sink Unlocking

A blocked drain can become a major problem, we have
experts to take care of your blocked drain, we never
experience problems or challenges with their certified


Drainage/ Toilet/ Sink Unlocking

The most common course of blockage is the build-up of
waste such as toilet paper, small stones or soil that was
used outside with vast experience we have
established relevant skills in dealing with such issues.

Geyser Installation and Replacement

Geyser becomes old and burst every now and then or leak as a result of age overheating or imbalance water pressure.
B NIX can help you with the replacement of the geyser relocation diagnosis
or repair we also issue COC after completion of our work.

Certificate of Compliance

On completion of our work we
offer Certificate of compliance

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